Our number one priority is to provide your child with the best treatment available.  Our treatment recommendations are based on the Guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and before your child receives treatment, Dr. Connie or a staff member will talk with you about the best treatment options.  Dr. Connie will also be happy to discuss alternative methods of treatment that are suitable for your child.

Our office staff is knowledgeable about insurance plans and payments and they can help you with your specific plan – all you have to do is provide us with the current and correct insurance information, and then we can use our skills to help you.

Payment for professional services is due at the time dental treatment is provided.  We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards and most major credit cards.  If we have received all of your insurance information on the day of the appointment, we will be happy to electronically file your claim for you.  Please make sure to update us on any insurance changes such as policy name, insurance company address, or a change of employment so that your insurance benefits are not delayed.

Some insurance plans reimburse the doctor directly for all or part of the treatment fees.  In these cases, our office files the insurance claim electronically, we wait for payment, and once we receive the insurance reimbursement, the subscriber is billed for any balance not covered by the insurance. 

Note that many insurance plans will reimburse the patient directly.  In these cases, the patient is responsible for the fees of the services provided that day, our office files the insurance claim electronically, and the insurance company will send the check directly to the subscriber, typically within a few weeks.  If need be, our staff can assist you in tracking the insurance payment and resolving any issues raised by the insurance company.  We’re here to help you navigate the insurance world.


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